Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. These days it has become a trend and expression of ones individualism. Everywhere you look there are new styles and designs of this ever evolving art form that sometimes it is essential to take a step back and remember the roots of this art form.

Norman Keith Collins aka Sailor Jerry is a name that has become synonymous with generations of tattooing. He is well known for his sailor tattoos and innovation, developing the tattooing field by creating colour pigments and using his own needle formations to cause less trauma to skin. His work has heavily influenced the industry and is still an inspiration for many artists today.

The latest piece of mine was inspired by the traditional American tattoo art of Sailor Jerry, utilising the military nautical theme. In this piece I wanted to challenge myself and draw something I had not drawn before, sticking to the traditional style. I wanted to go bigger than I would usually go in this large scale piece featuring an eagle and ship.

I was strict with my choices here, keeping to the traditional American theme. I used 5 colour palettes (blue, green, red, yellow and browns), outlined using heavy lines and Blacks as shading.


Overall I’m happy with the way this piece came together. The balance of the design and use of the traditional colour pallet meant that the piece looks simple but contains complexities around the strong lining and bold colours that are characteristic of this style. I enjoyed the added challenge of making this as a large scale piece and already have in the works a new large scale piece.

This design is available for sale as prints and on a variety of cool Merch at my redbubble store.

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