Not to long ago the new PS4 Spider-man game was released and it a was truly an amazing experience, so much so I still have that ‘something is missing’ feeling that needs to be filled with another game. I enjoyed getting immersed in the fantastic story, swinging through the buildings of New York city and shooting webs at the bad guys. I had such a great time it got those creative juices flowing inspiring a tattoo flash sheet.

If you are not familiar with tattoo flash art; it is when you choose a genre/theme (sometimes unrelated) and then use a chosen art style creating multiple small designs that would be tattooed but also creating one cohesive design when you look at the sheet as a whole.


In this design I wanted to use Spider-man as the main focal point of the flash sheet adding a banner with the most iconic quote associated with the Spider-man series. Next I added some enemies that are most associated with the comics and movies and the iconic architecture of New York city. All the characters I chose to draw in the comic book style as this suits the way I add the ink to my art.

To finish this piece off and fill in the smaller gaps I added some tattoo styled flowers and other smaller webs and spiders, this bridges the gaps in the piece making the whole sheet look like it is one.

The most difficult part of this entire process was drawing faces; this is not my strong suit.  To make it even more difficult for myself I was drawing super small faces and only using limited line work  as most of the shading was done using the Copic markers. Usually I stay away from drawing faces of any sort, but I wanted to challenge myself and push myself to practice this skill.


Materials Used:
– Copic Markers
– FaberCastell fine liners
-160gsm Laser Paper

When using Copic’s I tend to utilise the black and greys to give it depth and then only use the one colour over the top. Of course this is not the only way to use them I prefer to do it this way unless I am not using much black and grey then I would use more colour grade to give the drawing depth.


Overall I am happy with the way everything came out this is my 2nd attempt at doing tattoo flash sheet and this time I felt I did a much better job making all the elements flow together and look as one. My previous attempt I had left too much white space around the chosen elements.

This entire process was filmed so keep an eye out next week to see the time-lapse!! Hit the follow button below to get notified of my latest posts.


This comic flash has given me some ideas to create some other of the marvel universe/DC flash pieces. Do you have a favourite superhero? Would you like to see it turned into a tattoo flash sheet like this? Let me know in the comments below.


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